Pierce the Boundless Dusk.


Dusky Depths is a rogue-lite twin stick shooter set on a mysterious and treacherous planet. Take control of your ship and defend yourself against an onslaught of ancient drones and bizarre organisms. How long can you hold out?

Your only hope of escaping your eventual demise is to restore and activate the warp gates left behind by an ancient civilization. Where will they lead you? There is only one way to find out..

Scavange for rare loot, upgrade your ship, and unlock ancient mechanisms to escape this strange and hostile place – alone or together with friends.

Key Features

Physics Illustration

Fully featured physics simulation

The game includes a custom-tailored physics engine which allows you to set up all kinds of contraptions to your advantage.

Fully destructible terrain

Modify the terrain to open up completely new paths!

Create shortcuts to the enemy's base or find pathways to secret areas that reward you with rare items!
Gamemodes Illustration

Multiple game modes

Start an Expedition into the Dusky Depths, alone or cooperatively with up to 3 additional players.

Or compete in versus game modes such as Capture The Flag or Deathmatch with up to 7 additional players!
Randomized Maps Illustration

Procedural map generation

The Expedition mode features maps that combine procedurally generated and hand-crafted parts for the best of both worlds.
Item Variety Illustration

More than 100 different items

A vast amount of weapons, augmentations and other types of items will allow you to play in countless play styles.

Collect as many as you can fit in your ship, upgrade them, and you will become unstoppable.


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