Dusky Depths

Game Fact List

  • Genre: Action, Rogue-lite, Twin-Stick Shooter
  • Platforms: Windows 10 or newer. Support for other operating systems may be added later on.
  • System Requirements: 8GB RAM, 6th generation Intel Core i3, NVIDIA GeForce 1030 GT (subject to change)
  • Development started in June 2015
  • Custom-tailored physics engine designed for multiplayer synchronization
  • Game Engine: Custom game engine made from scratch, written in C# and made with portability in mind
  • Graphics: Retro-esque graphics combined with modern 3D rendering techniques such as Bloom, Normal Mapping and Dynamic Lighting
  • Fully moddable with C# or any other .NET programming language

Game Description

Dusky Depths is a rogue-lite twin stick shooter set on a mysterious and treacherous planet. Take control of your ship and defend yourself against an onslaught of ancient drones and bizarre organisms. How long can you hold out?

Your only hope of escaping your eventual demise is to restore and activate the warp gates left behind by an ancient civilization.

To activate a warp gate, you will have to find several so called warp gate fragments that are spread all over the planet. Once you have activated one, you will have to defend it until it is fully charged up. However, even if you fail, every new attempt will allow you to unlock new starting loadouts for the next run.

Key Features

  • More than 100 different items

    A vast amount of weapons, ship augmentations and other types of items will allow you to play in countless play styles.

    The use of those items is limited by your ship’s resources: energy and material. Energy regenerates constantly while material is finite and needs to be found on the map or gained by destroying enemies.

    New items, item upgrades and ship upgrades can be bought with material. Carefully choosing your items is vital in order to come out on top.

  • Upgrade your ship and your items!

    You can upgrade your ship as well as all items in the game. Choose wisely which upgrade to take and come out on top!

  • Fully destructible terrain

    Modify the terrain to open up completely new paths!

  • Procedural map generation

    The Expedition mode features maps that combine procedurally generated and hand-crafted parts for the best of both worlds. Additionally, many distinct enviroments await you.

  • Auras can change everything

    Auras are powerful powerups that can turn all aspects of the gameplay upside down. Depending on your play style and the type of aura, you may even think of them as curses…

  • Multiple game modes

    In addition to the rogue-lite Expedition game mode, you can also compete in versus game modes such as Capture The Flag and Deathmatch!

  • 2D physics simulation

    The game includes a custom-tailored physics engine which allows you to set up all kinds of contraptions to your advantage.

  • Singleplayer and Online Multiplayer

    The Expedition game mode can be played cooperatively with 1-4 players, while the versus game modes can be played with 1-8 players.

  • Twitch Integration

    Dusky Depths includes optional Twitch chat integration for streamers.

The Setting

You are a mercenary stranded on a mysterious planet inhabited by odd creatures and rundown machinery. The expedition team that you were a part of has been annihilated after an attack by a highly sophisticated drone armed with alien weaponry.

Abandoned warp gates, autonomous defense systems and other technological marvels indicate that at least one highly advanced civilization has inhabited this planet before.

But to you, only one thing matters: to find a way to escape from this planet.

Dusky Depths

The Development Team:

Bow Echo Games is a team of 2 friends from Germany:

  • Marian “Nitroxis” Ryt (@ntrxs), who works on engine programming, game programming and server administration.
  • Robin-Sebastian “Rob” Köhler, who works on game programming, game concept, game art design, music and webdesign.

You can contact us via this email address: contact@duskydepths.com

Screenshots / Videos:

Screenshot Pack (Steam Nextfest, February 2024)

Trailer (Steam Nextfest, February 2024)

Preliminary box art

Key Artwork:

Dusky Depths Logo

Dusky Depths Logo Alternative A

Dusky Depths Logo Alternative B

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