It’s been a looong time since our last blog post. What did we do in all that time? Quite a lot…

Dusky Depths

But first we have to say that we are sorry for not updating our blog for so long. We very much underestimated the amount of work required to get Dusky Depths in an enjoyable state for our closed beta. After we weren’t able to release the beta within the originally announced time frame, we thought that we needed to change something. So in order to get the beta out as quick as possible, we decided to set our focus entirely on the development of the game which meant that we didn’t spare any time on our blog or social media anymore. We really thought we would be done in a few months, but now more than two years have passed.

However, we didn’t waste any of that time. We are planning on regularly posting updates on the blog again in which we will present to you everything that we were working on since then.

Now the good news: The first test build is ready and everyone that has signed up for the closed beta will receive an email with instructions today.

If you have any questions or feedback, join us on our Discord server or contact us on Twitter @DuskyDepths!

In the meantime, here are some screenshots of a current build of Dusky Depths! If you compare them with previous screenshots, you’ll probably be able to spot a lot of new features or changed visuals. We will talk about them in detail on the next few blog posts.