Once again, it’s been a looong time since our last blog post. But despite our radio silence, we have continued working on the game.

Dusky Depths

There are a lot of reasons as for why it took us so long to make another blog post. A lot of things have kept us busy in our lifes, which is why we weren’t always able to fully dedicate ourselves to the further development of the game. At the same time, we have always strived to make the game as good as possible. We would never release a half-baked game.

If you read our previous dev blog post, this may sound familiar to you… Ahem.

And so we only focused on the development of the game itself, once again. That is, until now. The game has reached a good development state. And so, the time is ripe:

At long last, we are happy to announce that Dusky Depths will be released in 2024!

To celebrate, we have created a brand new trailer which you can watch right here.

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And last but not least, Dusky Depths has a store page on Steam now! Don’t forget to add Dusky Depths to your Steam wishlist to get a reminder when the game is out!